G’POWER paddles created for professionals

Passion and years of experience in classical kayaking has allowed us to create state-of- the-art paddles for the most demanding competitors. Made from the best carbon fibre on the market as well as highest quality epoxy resins present a never before seen manufacturing quality and aesthetics. Through constant research in new materials and technology, the quality of our products is continually improved – ready to take on challanges that the best kayakers set us.

Light weight, extensive durability and excellent efficiency in water are just a few factors that come into play when we make G’POWER paddles. It is by focusing on these factors that we have earned the respect of experienced competitors and coaches. Even in the first years of the company, the competitors using our paddles were winning World Cups, World Championships and European Championships. In 2008, a Spanish competitor called Carlos Perez Rial fought his way to an Olympic gold medal during the K2 500m – using our paddles.

After the first tests of new prototypes we model them into a 3D image. Using those models we then mill the paddles using our CNC plotter which allows for ultimate precision. In addition, the paddles are machined using the CNC machines, which means that every paddle we produce is of the highest quality – every time.

technology: We are one of the few companies using Monocoque Technology in paddle production. It keeps the paddle weight low and provides extra durability. In Monocoque Technology the smooth shaft connection is created using one piece of carbon unlike most paddles where you connect the blade and the shaft from two separate parts. This paddle allows the athlete to better feel the stroke while the blade is in the water. It also eliminates unnecessary shaft stiffness.

We are the only company using stainless steel paddle edges perfectly cut using advanced steel laser cutting technology. Thanks to a special glue mix created by the G’Power company, our paddles are the strongest on the market. The popularity of our product is evident through the widespread use of our paddles in C2 events. C2 races are notoriously the most demanding events on paddles.

The surface of our blades is made with epoxy resins so we do not use gel coats, clear coats or paints. Unlike epoxy resin, all of these have a negative impact on the weight and the durability of the paddle.

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  • The latest model designed in collaboration with Samuel Hernandez (ESP).
  • Very stable oar gives a refined sense of control over the stroke. Smooth entrance of the paddle to the water allows for immediate transfer of power, maintained throughout the stroke. Increased displacement caused by the blade towards the end of the stroke allows for a quick re-entry for another stroke.
  • Paddle available in 4 sizes to adjust to both the most technical and most powerful paddlers.
  • Available with a straight shaft variant and an Ergonomic version made with Monocoque technology.
  • Robust construction, high strength, low weight paddles and laser-cut INOX steel fittings gained recognition among the best athletes in this discipline.
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About company

G’POWER is a prominent brand on the professional market of kayak paddles. The company was established in 2005 by Rafal and Piotr Glazewski who at the time were based in a small “GP” manufacturing plant established by Piotr in 1988, which was the precursor in the making of “wing blade” paddles in Middle-Eastern Europe.

In the beginning, both the company and the paddles were built by hand. Only from 2010 have we started in the incorporation of 3D modelling as well as precision CAD/CAM using our CNC milling machine. From then on the hand-made models were scanned in and modelled in 3D. Eliminating human error during manufacturing has allowed us to mass produce paddles.

During the beginning years, the company mainly focused on Sprint paddles, however after only 3 years we started to branch out into Slalom paddles as well as Dragon Boat paddles. Today, we offer paddles for Kayak Polo, Stand Up, Outrigger or even Freestyle.

In 2015 the company moved to a modern manufacturing building increasing the companies’ capability and raw production power.


Rafał Głażewski – Masters in Physical Education (MPe), Polish representative of Classical Kayaking during 1996 - 2005. Notable achievements: SYDNEY Olympics 2000 [POL]- 19th K-1 1000 m, ATHENSOlympics 2004 [POL] - 8th K-4 1000 m., Bronze Medallist of European Championships (Senior) 2004 K-4 1000 m. 4th K-4 500 m during World Championships 1998 i 2005 Silver Medallist of European Championships (Junior) 1998 K-1 500 m Bronze Medallist World Championship (Junior) 1997 K-4 500 m


Piotr Głażewski (1956 – 2010) Co-owner of the company until 2010. Coach of Women's Olympic Representation (POL) during 1997-2004. Notable achievements: SYDNEY Olympics 2000 - Bronze Medallist K2 500m ATHENS Olympics 2004 - Bronze Medallist K2 500 m During 1997-2004 the group led by Piotr achieved 27 medals at European and World Championships events.


G’POWER Company Promo| 12.02.2016

See how our paddles are made. We invite you to a short presentation showing the advanced technology incorporated in G’POWER paddles. We put in every effort that every paddle that we produce will meet your every demand. We continually introduce improvements, guaranteeing our customers a product that is world-class standard.

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G’POWER Promo| 12.02.2016

The G’POWER Harpoon is a paddle suited to all sorts of white waters and freestyle kayaking. Its unique blade construction, comfortable ergonomic grip and an unbelieveable lightweight construction weighing only 870 grams as well as the choice of 3 different blade sizes to suit the needs of the customer. Together, this makes the G’POWER Harpoon brings raw power to the competitor. The G’POWER Harpoon was designed with the aid of European Cup Champion Tomasz Czaplicki.

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G’POWER SERVICE STAND 2017| 12.02.2016

In the 2017 season, the G’POWER service stand will make an appeareance at a few key events. We invite you to browse the attractive offers available, and the opportunity to feel the paddles in action. Details of dates and places can be found in the event calendar.

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